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Etcher Bootable USB Maker: Should You Use It?

Let’s have a look at Etcher which is a bootable USB Creator centered around Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems and is very popular with the Personal Computer Community because of this and its features.

Etcher enables its users to create a bootable copy of Windows on their USB and from that USB boot any PC they want without any overly technical steps or jarring user interface. The aim of the program is to be as straightforward and easy to follow as possible. Saving users the headache of trying to learn a complicated program when they had something simple in mind. 

Note however that not all versions of Windows are supported by Etcher, notably, if you want a bootable copy of Windows XP then you would need an alternative as Etcher supports Windows versions starting from Vista. And as stated this program is focused on Windows OS, meaning that this program will only run on devices running Windows and can only create bootable copies of Windows operating systems all the way up to the newest Windows 11.

There are two versions of this program a free version and a paid or pro version that has some additional features. 

If you really just want to create a bootable USB Drive then do not worry, the free version is all you need without needing any extra program to accompany Etcher in the process. And the free version also has some features that might prove to be handy in the future such as installing DOS or UEFI Shell to your USB Drive or completely wiping the drive of all of its contents and data. 

However, if you want to try a feature of Etcher that very few have which is the creation of bootable Clone of your current Operating System along with all of your programs and data then you would need the pro version of this program. 

The aforementioned feature of Etcher is great if you have very important information and data on your computer such as personal and work files, family photos, videos, and passwords among others, making a bootable clone of your current operating system is a wonderful safety net in case there are unforeseen and unfortunate hardware failure, operating system crashes or even viruses that lock you out of your own computer.

This feature is also great if you are traveling and you have a personal desktop computer and you really need all the data and programs you have but don’t have on your laptop or workstation somewhere else. This will give you the option of always having a bootable clone of your computer in your pocket.

Back to the free version. Missing Windows 7? Well, Etcher might be the answer, this program allows its users to install the beloved Windows 7 operating system even on modern computers that came with Windows 10 or even Windows 11 out of the box!

Etcher does this by packaging some essential generic drivers as well as UEFI loaders so that Windows 7 can successfully boot and run on your modern computer without any hassle or headache. 

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