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SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Review

A bandwidth manager is a program that can show you which devices are connected to your internet connection and how much bandwidth they are using at any given time. This is very helpful to families with multiple users and especially necessary for businesses that rely on the network connection to effectively accomplish daily tasks. Using a network bandwidth manager can save a lot of time, and therefore money for businesses of all sizes.

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is among the top performers of bandwidth managers. Offering both a free and a paid version, this program is widely used and appreciated by users of all abilities. With SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer you can visually see patterns, usage traffic, and which machines and programs are using the most bandwidth at any given time. This is all done in real-time and has the capability to analyze various flow technologies.

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is probably the most customizable of the bandwidth managers available in 2022. You can decide how involved you want to be in the process. The dashboards are clear and clean, easy to understand, and nice to look at as well. This particular bandwidth manager can receive standard “Flow” information and data from devices from Juniper, Cisco, Riverbed, HP, Nortel, Huawei, Foundry, and Extreme.

It is familiar with NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, and a few other protocols as well. SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer will also allow administrators to see data from specific applications such as gaming sites or social media. This allows administrators to identify patterns and habits of the devices and users on the network. The graphing options and customizable data analytics are really amazing with this program.

There are always places a program can improve. This manager is fantastic for administrators but does not offer a way to collaborate with other sources. This feature is low in demand from users but would be beneficial to larger network administrators. The free version is pretty amazing, but you can try the full version for a 30-day free trial as well. If you do decide to use SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, know that it works best with the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor. They are offered in a pack with a 30-day trial as well.

All versions of this product can identify security risks and concerns early and prevent any breaks in your firewall. The paid versions offer some extra perks like alarms, more customization, and billing features. As networks grow they also slow down. A product like SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer can greatly minimize the negative impacts of having such a high demand placed on your network.

When it comes to customer support options, SolarWinds has a lot of options. There are many classes and training provided to users. Specialists are able to help you customize and troubleshoot at any point in your setup or usage of the products. SolarWinds also has a program available for administrators to become certified professionals of their products. There is a large resource library online at their main website and also a lot of users that are willing to help answer questions or give advice.

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