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Everything You Need To Know About Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is a premium antivirus program by Kaspersky Lab. It offers protection against malware and viruses, as well as phishing attempts, network attacks, and other types of cyber threats. You can install the software on up to 10 devices in your household or small business.

The Kaspersky Total Security program combines both anti-virus and internet security into one suite. It can be purchased for a one to three years subscription for 3 to 10 devices. This suite provides security from viruses and ransomware, protects your device without slowing it down or causing lag, is very user-friendly, and is safe for kids as well. This program is available for PC, Mac, and Mobile and is rated well for all of them. Kaspersky Total Security launches an encrypted browser to protect your online financial transactions on PC and Mac.

It also stops webcam hijacks and can be set to hide browsing history. Kaspersky Total Security also blocks phishing attempts and sends real-time alerts to users. The Total Security bundle also includes a password manager with a sync option, and a protection option for your photo, music, and other files with a backup on PC. Kaspersky Total Security provides a free VPN with up to 300MB of traffic per day, which is notable as most other comparable services offer this without data limits.

Kaspersky Total Security instantly isolates and removes any immediate dangers to your security while installed. This software can encrypt your data even when you are using public wi-fi while ensuring that your history is not logged. Kaspersky Total Security offers some unique family services like GPS tracking and alerts for parents. It also has a YouTube “Safe Search” feature, website filters, built-in screen time, and app usage tracking. There is, of course, an ad blocker, adult content blocker, payment protection, and private browsing as well. Kaspersky Total Security is a pretty light program and does not have a lot of technical requirements.

On the main Kaspersky website, there is an entire section dedicated to existing customers. This area provides some training, some frequently asked questions, a large knowledge base for self-driven users, and a load of free tools as well. Having all the resources in one location is very helpful for customers and can save a lot of time and frustration as they install and learn the features of Kaspersky Total Security. You can also download new versions here or try the free trial download.

If you need help with a specific product there are support agents available through a virtual assistant, email, remote assistance, phone, or chat. This type of comprehensive customer support is very much appreciated. Kaspersky Total Security is a fantastic option for anyone looking to keep their information safe and add some family features as well. Kaspersky is also available in many countries, not just the US.

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