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How Much Do You Know about LastPass?

Today we are going to talk about a LastPass. LastPass is a freemium feature packed password manager that is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world daily. It is now owned by Hungarian SaaS development company LogMeIn. 

With both a browser extension or app for your device, LastPass is another reliable and widely used password management tool. Unlike our other options here, it also supports Maxthon and Opera web browsers, however is only available on Android and macOS supported devices. 


What is more convenient than only having to remember one password ever again? This is the reality of LastPass. With users’ passwords securely locked away in an encrypted personal vault, auto-fill capabilities take care of entering passwords into the credentials page on any given website or app.  

Like Keeper, LastPass also uses biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition, theoretically eliminating the need for any password ever again.  

A nice feature of LastPass is that you can customize how the software interacts with different websites. Often this will depend on how sensitive the required information is. For example, you may not wish to auto-fill all information for your banking or financial apps and websites, however, it is fine for your online shop member details to be displayed – you can also tailor where you wish to enter your master password for this information to auto-fill. 


High-level encryption is key to most password management security features. Last Pass is no different, and because they use local encryption only, they guarantee they have zero access to and never know what the user’s master password is. LastPass also has an optional two-factor verification function.  

The LastPass free version is more feature-filled than Keeper and includes a secure personal password vault, fast and secure password generation, autofill, and payment information storage. Ultimately, for single and personal use, it is hard to beat.  

The LastPass user experience is also a plus. Updated in 2020, their new interface is easy to use, better designed, and nicer to look at. However, while there are comprehensive online resources for using LastPass, their priority tech support is only available on the paid services. 

We feel like LastPass is a great tool that is very easy to use even for a person with insufficient computer skills. Within no time it lets you create extremely strong passwords and enables you to sync them as you wish between multiple devices. 

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