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A Detailed Review Of JetAudio

Music and media remain a huge part of the human experience. There are many options for media players online, but they are not all the same. JetAudio is a multimedia player with a lot of integration. It is a free shareware application for Windows, iOS, and Android systems offering advanced playback for a huge range of file types. First released in 1997, the latest version was released in 2022 and is on track to set user satisfaction at a high point. JetAudio comes with 16 equalizers presets that allow the user to customize each track to their liking. It allows users to control playback, fading, speed, and many other aspects of each file. JetAudio also supports recording, multi-channel sound outputs, subtitles, tag editing, and a variety of other useful media features.

Like AIMP, JetAudio has an alarm, timer, and sleep feature that gives the user control over many of the functions within the program. Many users listen to music while sleeping, so the timer and sleep functions are a great upgrade from the original. The program comes with several “skins” and users can also design their own using a partner software on the JetAudio website. This media player also shows lyrics and will also show other visualizations to match the playing media. Users can minimize the player to a toolbar and remain in control of the system. JetAudio does not require a microphone or internet connection. It is a small file and does not require a lot of memory or processing speed to function normally.

JetAudio can rip and create CDs and also record international broadcasting. There is an intuitive album management system and a simple playlist with a drag and drop function to ensure easy use. This media player is easy to use, but sophisticated enough for experts to use as well. This program is also available in several languages including, Czech, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and English. As for accessibility, JetAudio does support some gestures, like shaking to play the next or previous track.

The app also allows users to use gestures to control playback, share what they are listening to on social media, lock screens, and much more. is compatible with JetAudio as well, it allows users to listen to FM radio stations through streaming. If users have the mobile version there are 14 different widgets to choose from when placing JetAudio on their screens. The app also allows for various themes and gap-less playback as well as fade-in/fade-out transitions between songs. JetAudio lacks in its ability to sync with multiple devices.

JetAudio is also unable to encode songs as MP3s. The program itself is attractive, but it is difficult to resize or customize for each user. Even without its own music store, JetAudio is a very real contender in the media player software industry. JetAudio does have a “plus” version for sale for around $30 with even more features. The software is also well known for having spectacular customer service and support staff online, not over the phone. It seems JetAudio has a strong community among its forums with many members participating in feedback and helping one another with projects.

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